Christmas Around the World

All over the world people celebrate Christmas! Whether you live in China, Argentina, Iraq, Russia, or the United States, the story of Jesus’ birth is one of the most important stories ever told. It is so important as part of a Christian preschool education to point out that God made every person. All of us are special to God!

“Christmas Around the World” tells the Christmas narrative of Jesus’ Birth in a fun, memorable, and creative way.

Like any traditional Christmas pagaent, this play incorporates Mary and Joseph, Bethlehem, shepherds, wise men, the star, the announcements of angels, etc.  “Christmas Around the World” does so in a fresh and creative way that is sure to connect with the audience.

“Christmas Around the World” is…….

  • Creative and imaginative
  • Easy to use and implement incorporating both music and narrative
  • Perfect for young children
  • Highly adaptive and can be utilized by groups of various sizes
  • Faithfully tells the story of Jesus’ birth from a distinctly Christian perspective

“Christmas Around the World” is just for you!

We understand that your life as a preschool director/teacher can be extremely busy. You need a Christmas play that will require a minimal amount of rehearsal. So, we have put everything together for you to make your preparation as easy as can be! When you purchase “Christmas Around the World,” not only will you receive a full script of the play, but you will also receive full symphonic audio tracks of all the songs to be sung in the Christmas pageant. No musicians are needed! For rehearsal purposes, you will also receive vocal demonstration tracks. Also available are lyric videos (see sample below) that show the lyrics of each song and can be projected during the pageant.

The parents of your students will be amazed at what a great job you have done putting your Christmas pageant together this year!


Song titles include:

Joy to the World (Theme Song)

Mary and Joseph

Bethlehem Fiesta

We Were Tending Sheep

We are Three Kings


For a sample of the script, click here.



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